This week at Alpha…

The diversity of our culture in Canada is one that only our country has, which is what made the grade 8s of  Alpha’s world religion field trip so interesting and full of new discoveries. Anywhere else, it may have not been possible.  We headed out to three places of worship, a Hindu Temple, a Sikh Gurdwara, and a Jewish Synagogue.


There we were told about the various religions and their beliefs, and their lifestyles. We had began our day boarding buses separated by last name. Then we went on to south burnaby, to visit a Hindu Temple. Did you know that the swastika is a symbol for peace and wellbeing, in various religions including hinduism. In Hinduism they believe in 3 main gods; Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the protector; and Shiva, the destroyer. They believed in reincarnation, and the idea of karma, being that what you do in your current life determines what happens in your next life.


The next stop was the Sikh Gurdwara, where we stopped for lunch. We were served with punjabi food, which was very kind of them to serve to us. In sikhism, they believe in one god, whose power resides in everyone. The most interesting thing about this religion, would probably be how they treated their holy books. They treat it as a living person, putting it on a bed for the night and covering it when no one was reading it. They along with hinduism believed in karma and reincarnation, and how there was a cycle of life forms, with humans at the top with the ability to meditate.


The last and final place we visited was a Jewish Synagogue,  it was probably the most casual of the three places, with chairs to sit on. The Jewish have a Torah, which holds their 623 commandments that they need to follow. What I found the most unique about Judaism is how much eating restrictions they have. As well as how the beginning of the day for them is at night.


In conclusion, this trip has been a very insightful learning experience. As well with providing a chance to explore various cultures and being able to see in first person their temples and how they worship their gods.


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This week at Alpha…

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and from Feb 5th-15th, Alpha Photojournalism and Alpha GSA will be hosting a series of fun events to promote nice, fuzzy, feelings. Events include: telegrams, free photo booth, and comfort food day.

Course selections have started! Presentations are on for Grade 10’s and 11’s today and tomorrow, on Feb 14 for Grade 8’s, and Feb 22 for Beta Mini-School. Students are encouraged to contact their counselors for consultation if they need any help with course selections, post- secondary, career plans and future goals. Which courses will you choose? Happy picking!

On Friday the 10th, the Improv club had a trip to Kitsilano University to witness the Canadian Improv Games Finals. The performances were amazing, and you could never tell they were thought up on the spot! They were funny, hilarious, and pleasing to watch. In the end, the three person team from Crofton House won the match. Though lacking in members, the three girls in the team completely made up for it in enthusiasm, energy, and creativity. Good job Crofton!

Hey everyone, guess what? On Wednesday March 7, the Burnaby school district will be hosting its 2nd annual Diversity Dance. This dance is being held at Byrne Creek Community School, and it’s open to all high school students in the district, in the spirit of celebrating the diversity of our students. The dance will last from 6pm-9pm. Tickets will be sold in the school office from Monday, February 5th until Wednesday, March 7th, for $10 each. There are only 40 tickets available per school, so buy themes soon as you can so you don’t miss out! The year’s theme is “Space” so wear your best star-speckled outfits that are outta this world! See y’all there! ​​

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This week at Alpha…

Alpha, being the incredibly busy school it is, has a lot planned for the next few weeks!

For one thing, students from Alpha, can now purchase tickets for the highly awaited Diversity Dance. Better scurry along; make sure to go to the second ever Diversity Dance. Keep in mind, there are only 40 tickets offered per school, so you better snatch up your tickets fast or else you’ll be missing out on such a invigorating night of fun such as this! This year’s theme is Space. What an incredibly cool theme! Don’t you think? Just simply imagine all the cool space-style costumes and outfits! Invite your friends along, and together, simply enjoy a night of awesomeness. This dance, is like no other, it is meant to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of all. A spectacular event  you can’t miss! Truly out of this world!

A dance with a special message; to accept, respect, and celebrate the differences in every individual, so together we can work towards our common goals! As shown by the LGBTQ flag on the poster, this dance is supposed to spread the warm message that everybody is included in this warm and caring community. Come join in in this celebration of inclusiveness and have a load of fun in the meantime! Wednesday, March 7th, will be a night to remember!

Now for some serious news. Parent teacher conferences are coming up. For some, it is a chance to show off academic excellence and drastic improvement; for others, it’s the ultimate dread, Judgement day. It’s is the day, when parents are personally informed the teacher of the student’s activities and behaviours, an important day no matter what.

Also, on another serious note; course selections will have closed; you have now chosen all the classes you want to take for the next entire year. An important decision, one that will determine the fate for the next 365 days. Better make a good decision; for the consequences both good and bad will become apparent in the near future. However, with course selection, in addition to being subjected to a new environment; you also get a chance to meet new people, teachers, and experience new passions and interests.

Also, all the Grade 8s are now going on a field trip! And an exciting one at that! A field trip that is fun yet at the same time extremely educational! A world religions project; visiting various worship sites across Burnaby, Richmond and Vancouver. What an exciting way to learn World Religions. I certainly can’t imagine a way to learn that’s more fun! The educational purpose of the trip is “to gain knowledge of religious faiths and appreciation of cultural diversity in our community”; sounds fun!

Now for the most important. I’ve saved the best for last; Spring Break. Two weeks off! Even for people who love school such as myself; it’s important to have a break to recharge and refresh. With enough rest, will your work quality live up to its potential. Many people have already made plans for the upcoming break; vacations, get-togethers with friend, a resolution to stay productive (which works in only some cases).

People will be busy bees for the next few weeks; after all, the period before every break is always filled with the frantic scurrying of trying to get an assignment to meet a deadline. However, hopefully, everyone will get a chance to enjoy the break and enjoy the springtime!


This week at Alpha…

Students of Alpha have been busy for a few days, now. With tests galore, there’s been no time to socialize, eat, sleep, or do any other type of homework. Studying for tests has been, in a manner speaking, plaguing students, and apparently the only cure is to get said test over with.

A bit of a break for our brains this week. Alpha-ites can admit an honest happiness on the subject of the three tutorial days this week. Even if they were coming in to school those past few days, it is nice to have a break from the constantly piling up homework.

Even with the tutorial days happening for most of this week, there have been events to blow your socks off! These include the fantastic performance by the Alpha dance club, Dance Extravaganza, and Alpha’s annual open house.

Next semester, here we come! It’s hard to believe that the year is already half over, and yet, somehow, time really does pass that quickly. But don’t get too excited for summer break, the year is only half over! Still half left…

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This week at Alpha…

After a nice holidays, students and teachers are back in action, students working hard at combatting the homework and teachers working hard at replenishing it… people happy to catch up with friends after the break, the school is buzzing with talk of what everyone did on their holidays, with everything from going skiing, to going to Hawai’i, and everyone has something to share.

Alpha’s 2018 Open House is here, with displays, presentations, and information sessions. Open to both current and future Alpha-ites along with their parents, the open house takes place on Wednesday, January 24th, from 6 to 8 pm, where Robotics and Home Economics displays will showcase our some of school’s best electives. Information sessions for incoming grade 8’s, current grade 8 to 11 students, and for advanced placement (AP) will also be present. Plus, small group presentations for incoming grade 8’s, including Mini-School, Learning Support Services, and the French Immersion program, will be held to show grade 7’s what Alpha is like.

Star Search: the talent show where you can blow people’s minds with your awesome hidden talent. Get ready Alpha, because Star Search is coming! Auditions were held last Thursday, but it’s not too late to send in a video if you couldn’t make it. Good luck to those who auditioned, you’ll make us proud!

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This week at Alpha…

Course selection is starting! That’s right the MyED portal is opening February 6th, with course selection presentations happening from February 6th to February 12th in the library. You better start thinking about what courses you want to do as soon as possible if you want to get into your favorite courses because openings fill up quick.

Collab days are coming back after a nearly two month break, with one presentation every Wednesday for the next month and a half. The first presentation of the year will be by Jesse Miller doing a second part to his digital citizenship presentation back in November in which he gave a eye opening presentation about the dangers and benefits of being a digital citizen on the internet.

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This week at Alpha….

Collab days are back! Students from grades 8-10 will be attending presentations by professionals to learn more about digital citizenship, and other aspects of life in high school.

The first session will be on February the 7th. The grades 8 and 9s will be attending a continued talk from last semester by Jesse Miller about digital citizenship and social media awareness, to help us students to be more smart with the vast amounts of technology that we are exposed to each day.

The grade 10s, on the other hand, will be learning about the danger of E-Cigarettes. This will help students be more aware of what they are getting themselves into when making decisions for smoking. It will also help them be wiser in their decision making in what to do and what not to do when in a certain situation.

Although collab is considered a waste of time, if you really just tune in and think about what the speaker has to offer, you will be surprised by how much knowledge you could gain from just one talk.

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Snow in December!

This week at Alpha…

Christmas is just around the corner and we finally had the first snowfall of December 2017, on Tuesday, the 19th! With the snow, came people slipping and sliding on the icy sidewalks (though, Alpha did a pretty good job with the ones around the school), and snowball fights breaking out on the field. The snowfall also means a lot of work for the people tasked with keeping the building clean (and dry) because wet snow and mud are constantly being tracked throughout the school. All in all, the snow has brought a real festive atmosphere to these last few days of school before Christmas!

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This week at Alpha (From December)

This Week at Alpha

We have had a crazy last week of 2017 here at Alpha. With the first heavy snowfall of the year making it hard to get home, and tests, projects and exams piling up, many students have been counting the days left until Winter Break for weeks. However, ridiculous loads of homework aside, we have had an exciting week. Negative temperatures have been creeping into our thermometers for days now, but it has become really cold recently, and the hot chocolate sales have been popping up. One of the anticipated events of this month was the elementary school tradition of The Pancake Breakfast. This image, courtesy of the Alpha Twitter page, shows all our students enjoying their delicious meals. Because Christmas is upon us, half the school has been cracking down on academics, and half the school has given up. There have been a lot parties this week, and many lazy blocks of movies, and playing games.

The final and most mysterious of all things that have been planned for this week is the Ho Ho Ho Down, an event that has been explained to us ever so vaguely by teachers, and older students. All we know is that classes will be shorter, and that there will be competitions and a mysterious currency called Santa Bucks. Students have been hounding these from teachers and staff this week by performing good deeds, and paying attention in class. The reason is that we have been told that there will be $500 worth of prizes, so all we can do is wait and see what will happen.

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