Working with Anxiety ~ Workshop for Parents and Students

Where:  École Alpha Secondary School (large gym)

When:   Oct 12, 2017 at 6:30pm (2hr workshop)

Presenter:  Christine M. Yu, M.A.  Registered Clinical Counsellor

This interactive session will help parents and students understand anxiety and how it presents in children and adolescents. A detailed description of anxiety will be included: what it is, what it looks like across the developmental life span, and when it becomes problematic. Factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of anxiety will also be discussed. 

The second half of the workshop will offer the parents and students a step-by-step guide of how to manage anxiety using evidence-based treatment. Parents will be provided with information about what to consider when collaborating with the school and mental health professionals and resources.  A Q&A period will also be included, although questions are encouraged throughout the workshop. 

Alpha- Anxiety Workshop for Parents

Quotes of the Week


We experience so many negative things in our society and I believe do not get a chance to revel in our individuality and personal achievements. This is why I will be adding positive quotes of the week for all of you to enjoy. We may be doing something with the quote during the week so please take the time to read them. This one is playful and I think encapsulates what the BETA-Minischool is all about. Have a fantastic weekend all!

Stay Gold,

Mr. Murray  


Minischool Open House

On Wednesday, September 20th, Alpha Secondary is hosting an open house for parents to come and see what our school has to offer! From 5:30-7:00, parents can come meet representatives from school departments in the large gym and ask questions about their child’s learning. 

Mr. Murray and Ms. Neumann will be in room 200 from 4:30-5:30 to meet with grade 8 and 9 Minischool parents. We will be giving a brief introduction to the Minischool and our expectations and guidelines for the year at 4:45. We would love to meet with the grade 8 parents and hopefully we will be able to answer some of your questions. 

Some of the topics we will be going over are: 

  • New Curriculum Implementation
  • Teaching Philosophies
  • Report Cards
  • Guidelines for a successful year
  • Getting in touch with the teachers

Classroom Contracts – 8

We had some truly innovated and creative submissions for the classroom contracts. Congratulations to our finalists! We had one group who created a beautiful Hogwarts crest which is now featured in our classroom, and another which is just below who created an endless, non-es-capable script unless you agree to all of the classroom rules and goals. 

Grade 8 Media-Based Contract Winner

Here are some of our other contracts. We did not upload every submission, but we are very impressed with your work so far!


Classroom Roles

Additional classroom roles and descriptions are located below: 

Field Trips Discovery: 

  • Your goal is to find local opportunities for our class to experience the content we are studying. The group is expected to find at least 2 field trip opportunities for the class that relate to curriculum, are safe for students, and are financially feasible for our class. 
  • Please create a write-up on the trip, costs, what students will learn from the trip, and any other information you can provide. Submit this to Mr. Murray and Ms. Neumann


  • Your goal is to document through photography, film, and any other artistic form, what is happening in the classroom. 
  • DO NOT photograph faces or names. Hands and work are a great place to start. 

Tech Liaison: 

  • Your goal is to make sure all of the iPads and Laptops are put away safely and are charging. 

Grade 8 Classroom Rules and Goals

After a wonderful class of brainstorming, we have decided and voted on the following classroom goals and guidelines. Your artistic projects are due on Monday. You have the freedom to show your ideas so be creative!!!


Remember to also take a picture of yourself with a parent or guardian in front of the blog! Send the email to your MiniSchool teachers @