Educational Assistant Training Program

​​Good afternoon, 

I’m reaching out because we have set our first filming date for the Educational Assistant VR Training Program

Here is a little bit about this first filmshoot: 

Time: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm, July 10th, 2018

Location: Second Street Elementary School

Roles: 4-8 students, 1 student with IEP in Escape Behavior

This is our filming attempt, and we are excited to try out some new and innovative ideas. We are looking for 4-8 students who will be playing the parts of regular classmates, engaged in an interactive lesson on tectonic plates using modeling clay. We are also looking for a student who is interested in playing the role of the student with escape behaviors. This student will be acting out in the classroom, depending on how the EA responds in the ‘chose your own adventure’. 

As this is a ‘chose your own adventure’ story, we will be needed patient actors who can ‘reset’ back to previous scenes and follow instructions. If you know anyone else, grades 7-9, who are interested in taking part, please let me know. I will ask you to please confirm if you would like to participate.  Please fill out the attached form, giving the Burnaby School District permission to film you.There will be compensation for your time. 

It is quite an exciting time to be developing Virtual Reality Content and I am looking forward to showcasing some of the local talent of Burnaby Students.

Thank you,

Ms. Neumann

 Parent Permission Form

The Swearing Rule

As the new year rolled around, some students found that they have not yet adapted back to school behaviors, and continued their foul language. This quickly prompted a rule to be set in place in order to both help reduce the use of inappropriate language in the classroom, as well as educate them about the usage of that particular word throughout history. This rule requires that if a student uses a word that is deemed foul and/or extremely unkind, they have to write a 500 word essay regarding the true meaning about that word, how the meaning has changed throughout history, and also the usage of that word in history.

As soon as this rule has been emplaced, the usage of foul or cruel language has rapidly dwindled, with the rule only having been used once so far. Hopefully this successful trend continues on into the future, abolishing certain foul words from our classroom.


Well, WE have made it through the first 4 months of the BETA Minischool.

It was been a privileged to teach your children this fall and we are excited to see what the new year brings. 

Thank you to all students and parents for the wonderful gifts and delicious treats. 

We hope  you all have wonderful holidays full of festivities, fun, and family. 


Kind Regards, Mr. Murray and Ms. Neumann