Aviation: Testing Artistic Skills

On December 13, an Airbus A380-800 drew a Christmas tree in the sky. The Airbus A380-800 is the world’s largest passenger jet. It is built by Airbus Industrie. It is so big that people refer to it as the Superjumbo jet and the King of the Skies. It is also one of the safest aircraft in the skies, right behind their new Airbus A350-900 and A350-1000. Airbus was conducting flight test on the A380. Before a plane is delivered to an airline, it must undergo some flight tests to verify that it is in a safe and working state. However, instead of just doing a few laps, Airbus spent hours, creating a precise flight plan. It turns out, this flight plan was in the shape of a tree. The Airbus took off from hamburg, Germany and began flying the flight plan. It landed back at Hamburg. It took the Airbus pilots 5 hours to create this masterpiece. This was a very festive flight test on the Airbus A380, the largest jumbo jet in the skies.
FUN FACT: On the original jumbo jet (Boeing 747-100), Heavy was used at the end of the call sign to represent that the plane was a big, heavy jumbo jet. It continued on to the Boeing 777 family, which I talked about in my last post (check it out), the Airbus A340, some Airbus A330s and some Airbus A350s. The Airbus A380-800, however, is so big that they use Super at the end of the call sign to signify that the plane is a gigantic Superjumbo jet.  

Aviation News!

On Saturday, December 2nd, at Toronto Pearson International Airport, EVA Airways flight BR35, onboard a Boeing 777-300ER, was getting ready to taxi to the runway. The 777-300ER is the longer version of the 777-200ER and 777-200LR. It is also the biggest twin engine aircraft in history. The flight had just departed the gate when the pilot made a strange decision to de-ice the aircraft before takeoff. There was no worry. Better safe than sorry right? However, shortly after the start of the taxi, people onboard heard a series of bangs. The pilots announced that they would inspect the plane. They said that inspection would take less than 5 minutes. But guess what. Time slowly kept ticking by. Eventually, the plane taxied back to the gate. At the gate passengers started hearing the news. The pilot of the Boeing 777, had driven the 777 into a pole at Pearson International. The pilot didn’t even know until ATC told the pilot that he was dragging a pole halfway through the wing. Firetrucks had to surround the plane because of the jet fuel that was leaking from the wing. Eventually, all of the passenger got onto a new plane. One that was not the victim of bad driving. A picture of the plane in question is below. That is it for this week. See you next week with more shocking aviation news.

Net Neutrality: What’s going to happen to the internet?

Net neutrality is a big thing right now. Mr. Ajit Pai, chairman of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently held a vote to keep, or destroy net neutrality. But what is net neutrality? Well, I’m kinda surprised you don’t know what it is at this point, but if you’ve been living under a Dwayne Johnson for the past month. . Net neutrality was a law that said that internet service providers must treat all internet “flow” equally. Meaning they can’t intentionally slow down or favor a certain website by making it either faster or slower. Without net neutrality, internet service providers like Verizon or Telus can make certain websites like YouTube unusable by making it so slow until you pay extra to grant access to faster (usable) wifi to access the websites you want. So getting rid of the net neutrality thing can give internet service providers a virtual monopoly over the web.

The man in charge of this is, as I said, Ajit Pai. Recently he passed the law saying that net neutrality no longer a requirement. This undoubtedly pissed a lot of people off. There are people out there who literally want him dead. What was the point of all this for him? He’s making enough money to live comfortably, and now I bet he can’t even go to Starbucks without having people spit on him. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Pai’s motive is that the web is too exclusive and websites like facebook are blocking content on a regular bases. His main points are saying (in a nutshell) that the government is being too bossy and needs to let their grasp loosened around the web. He’s basically saying there is not enough freedom on the web. The FCC thinks this will also force the ISPs to be more transparent about their companies. So in the end he’s just trying to do good for america. But you know actions speak louder than words. Net neutrality is one of those laws that is protecting the freedom of the people in most people’s eyes, and it is comparable to the legalization of murder (this may be a extreme example but bare with me). The government is certainly controlling the few people but it is necessary to ensure that the majority can live more freely and safer. Net neutrality ensured that the internet service providers can’t be more money-grabbing than they already are. The end of net neutrality can certainly impact the internet browsing experience drastically.

 Our internet is being ruined by this weirdo

This is what some people speculate the internet will be like

I think that the whole “no neutrality” thing is being blown out of the proportion by the neutrality advocates and it won’t be as bad as they are making it out to be. They are making it seem like the internet will be completely dead when Verizon starts taking advantage of this thing. I think people will browse the web no matter what because at this point it’s just part of our lives. However, I still think it’s a dumb move to get rid of it. The internet is supposed to be a free space where I can go online and type for 2 hours about like, Bernie Sanders or something and have nobody stop me. The internet is one of the few places where I can do whatever I want and not get beat up. By lifting net neutrality, they are removing the sense of freedom the internet has. Also I think Ajit Pai is an idiot, but I like the memes I’m seeing about him so I’ll turn a blind eye. I think this is funny too


OuR iNtErNeT iS bEiNg RuInEd By A fIdGeT sPiNnInG, hArLeM sHaKiNg NoRmIe


I said that the internet PROBABLY won’t be as badly affected as most people think, but the threat is still real. If AT&T or Verizon does decide to take advantage of the no neutrality as much as people are thinking they are, we are in deep trouble. “But we’re in canada Kevin, we don’t have anything to worry about.” Well here’s why we should care:

Any american site can be blocked, by their ISP and be charged to get fast lanes world wide. So that means YouTube or Netflix may slow down if they decide they don’t want to pay a significant extra to grant fast lanes to Canadian users. This is really bad because this means Canadians have no control whether or not we have access to fast lanes. Also our internet is partially routed through the U.S meaning  There will also be intense pressure to repeal neutrality here in Canada due to current NAFTA negotiations. We will also be affected because american users may be discouraged to use the internet leading to less development and innovation.

https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/14/16777626/ajit-pai-net-neutrality-speech- Why is Pai killing net neutrality

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/79nQqqbrXxg/maxresdefault.jpg Weird picture of Pai

https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/9868169/DQ7fUDuUMAEFbNW.jpg Future of internet browsing

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_neutrality what net neutrality is

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ajit_Pai Ajit Pai

https://globalnews.ca/news/3874357/net-neutrality-internet-canada/ Why we should care about this

http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/harlem-shake-fcc-chairman-ajit-pai_us_5a33d5e6e4b0ff955ad225e4 The other weird image of Pai

http://business.financialpost.com/opinion/what-canadians-will-lose-out-on-as-the-u-s-deregulates-the-internet-while-were-stuck-on-net-neutrality We should be worried.


Current Events from December

December 14, 2017

              The fight for net neutrality is on. Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, or application. So to make it simpler, without net neutrality we would have to pay to use the internet. Without net neutrality companies can stop certain people from using certain applications unless they pay or something like that. For example, AT&T was caught limiting access to Facetime, so only those users who paid for AT&T’s new shared data plans could access the application. The net neutrality rules were approved by the FCC in 2015. The vote for net neutrality is December 14, 2017 which coincidentally is today. People are already saying their goodbyes to the internet. In my opinion getting rid of net neutrality would be horrible, just imagining paying $500 a month for using google. Lots of families that make minimum wage would have to say goodbye to google, yahoo, google chrome, etc. The government could balance this out by raising the minimum wage so workers can pay for the new expenses.





December 15, 2017

Yesterday in a vote of 3-2, net neutrality is dead for now. The Federal Communications Commision approved of removing the net neutrality rules that were put into place two years ago. The new rules will allow internet providers to do pretty much anything, they can block anything they want from everyone. The only rules is they have to publicly announce what they are doing. In conclusion you don’t have to worry about the net neutrality rules because we live in Canada (:



The final verdict of Daniel Shavers slaughter

On January 18th, 2016, an innocent man staying at a texan hotel was shot brutally by a police officer belonging to the Mesa, Arizona Police department. The man shot was Daniel Shaver, your typical american man going on a business trip for his job. Shaver was staying at the La Quinta Inn & Suites hotel and because of a misunderstanding revolving firearms, the cops were called. One of the cops that arrived was Philip Brailsford, the man who would soon shoot Daniel Shavers to the point of death. However, before the death of Shavers, Officer Brailsford yelled instructions on what to do and what not to do to keep safe. One of the demands Brailsford had was “crawling without your two hands”, and while that may be hard without any prior implications, it is even harder to do when your under mass amounts of stress and worry and your exhausted from previous exertion. Although, it seems as if Brailsford did not acknowledge this when Shavers was balling, on his knees, trying his best to do what was ordered of him, as Brailford screamed “YOU’RE F*****” and proceeded to shoot Shavers.

News soon came of Brailsford’s actions and he was being prosecuted for second degree murder. Skip to december 7th, 2017 when results of the 6-week trial were released, the verdict being the same as what Brailsford pleaded; Not guilty.

In reflection to our world and what this means and will do, i think that Brailsford was 100% guilty. Just one second from the gruelling footage of the body cam placed on brailsford is enough to justify so. However, Daniel Shavers’ death is bringing awareness to the police brutality within america- bringing light to the fact of police brutality and that it affects everyone within america. Now this reflects on the US truthfully, showing that they are corrupt, and unjust. Just from the abuse of Police power is an example- but another white, straight, male commiting a crime and getting away scot free is showing that america lets you off without any repercussions, as long as you are privileged enough. Hopefully Daniel Shavers’ death was not in vain, i would like to see that the problems that caused Shavers’ death will be dealt with and talked about more often from the publication of this event.

May he rest in peace.




What is a Kilonova?

Hi there! Welcome to Current Events Coordinator, with your host, Kowl. Here, I talk about something that’s current, and maybe that’s an event (duh). This probably will be the only one of my entries on Current Events Coordinator, so for a while I’ll be gone from this website!

Hmmmmmmm…. I’m trying to think of a good current event to talk about. Scrolling down the page, I see a lot of interesting reports. I think I’ll add something… different. Okay! I know what I want to talk about! First, I’ll flash a big cool picture to get everyone’s attention…

Source; https://twitter.com/ligo/status/920456308641366017

And then we’ll get started!

On October 16, 2017, astronomers released a huge announcement; the first kilonova had been found! I’m pretty sure you have no idea what that is, so let me fill you in; first, you need to know about a neutron star. These powerful corpses come from after a supermassive star goes supernova. I’m not going to go into the complex (lack of) nuclear fusion that causes a sun to do this, but all you need to know is that neutron stars are immensely dense; a sugar-cube-sized piece of neutronium (degenerate matter) (neutron star stuff) weighs as much as mount Everest! They spin very fast, have super-strong magnetic poles, and are basically super awesome spinning balls of energetic death. Anyway, sometimes two neutrons stars come together―either by drifting together or by coming from two already-orbiting stars―and form binary systems; two stars orbiting each other. They can circle for thousands of years, spinning faster and faster as they get slightly closer and closer. Eventually, the merge, generating an amazing explosion, known as a kilonova.

A kilonova is bigger than other types of novae; and (theoretically) more important (we’ll get into that in a minute… a metaphorical minute). You see, the power and energy of two enormously dense objects such as neutron stars colliding does some pretty amazing things. First, it generates beams called “Gamma-Ray Bursts” (GRBs), which are powerful beams of photons that are ranked smallest and most dangerous on the light scale. These usually don’t hit earth, which is very fortunate because if they did, we’d be poisoned through it’s powerful radiation energy, and it would mess up our DNA.

Okay, it’s been a minute (metaphorically). You see, astronomers and scientists have reason to believe that kilonova are the route of materials. In stars, nuclear fusion occurs (which I said I won’t get too much into), and makes a bunch of materials from lighter materials; helium, carbon, oxygen, magnesium, silicon, and iron, which is where it stops. So where do all the other heavier elements come from?… you know, platinum, gold, silver, uranium… do they just appear? Nope, they come from… you guessed it… a monkey riding a telephone booth through a nuclear hamper basket. Bet you hadn’t guessed that! No… they come from kilonovae. I just wanted to spice things up. Therefore, we theorize that all of the gold and silver and platinum and heavy precious metals on earth originated from kilonova explosions… think about that next time you see your mom’s gold rings!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBCArmUPgCw

Anyway, kilonovae were just theoretical (just like neutron stars were), but on October 16th they were proven (just like neutron stars were, way before that). Scientists detected gravitational waves, and saw a blast of light out in space… the only other thing that has the power to rattle space-time and generate gravitational waves through space is two black holes colliding, and while scientists can detect the gravitational waves, any light or materials made by the collision is sucked up instantly by the singularities (singularities are what black holes are; there are at the center of black holes, and the only reason that black holes look like black holes and not singularities is because singularities have such a high escape velocity that light can’t escape from a certain radius from the center, therefore it can’t reach your eyes to show you what’s there. So a black hole is literally just a singularity). However, in a kilonova, neutron stars don’t have an escape velocity higher than the speed of light, so we can view them and gather information about these elusive explosions.

Finally, there’s one more thing that’s cool about this kilonova sighting. First, you need to know this; light travels at a set speed. It is an extremely fast speed, but an unchangeable speed nonetheless. That’s why a “lightyear” is a measurement; it’s a distance of space that would take a photon going the speed of light an Earth YEAR to get across; yeah, space is big. Anyway, this kilonova explosion happened hundreds of thousand of years ago, way off some thousand lightyears away. As the photons were created by the binding of these two neutron stars, they began their course across that entire distances, traveling for the past hundreds of years, until finally that day when they reached Earth. Of course, the photons hadn’t changed as they made their course; so when they reach our eyes or our telescopes for our brains or computers to process, we’re actually looking at something that happened before the tyrannosaurus rex roamed the earth!

Alright, that’ll be the end of this Current Events Coordinator! This is getting real long, and we all know that if you’re scrolling down the website and you see a gigantic entry, you don’t want to read it! Anyway, if you enjoyed, please leave a comment, and now, we’ll get onto the riddles.

My last role’s leaving riddle was this: “What is it that everyone is always doing at the same time?”

The answer? Post your guesses in the comments first… alright, here it is… growing older!

Today’s riddle: “who works when he plays and plays when he works?”

Stay sharp for Kowl entries in the future for answers


Published 1/ 12 / 2017 (that’s December 1st)                       Sincerely, Reporter Kowl

North Korean ICBM launch

In the early hours of November 29 the DPRK did the first launch of the Hwasong-15 ICBM. North Korean state media stated it was the most powerful Missile launched by the DPRK to date claiming that it could reach any part of of the USA (I am assuming that Vancouver is in range so please don’t kill me Mr. Kim Jong un).

This is very alarming to most of the international community (especially the US) Because generally US citizens were safe from the DPRK. This will put the US government in an interesting situation on how it will have to move forward on the DPRK issue.   

The ICBM was launched at 0300 hours from South Pyongyang province DPRK, The ICBM flew 950 KM Well into Japan’s EMZ(Exclusive Economic Zone).

That may not seem far at all when considering hitting the USA, but consider that it launched 4,475KM into the Atmosphere. 13.5 time’s the International space station’s orbit, so at least hitting North America’s west coast seems quite probable and some independent scientists are confirming the DPRK’s statement, despite the DPRK being know for making false claims.

The reaction from other world leaders has been almost instant. The US has called for all nation’s to ties with North Korea, mainly in the form of Chinese oil supplies. The US also stated that the DPRK would be “utterly destroyed” in any war situation.

China and Russia, both allies of the DPRK condemned the missile launch, but have also called for the US and South Korea to cancel military exercises.  



To Alpha…

To Alpha;

The Beta mini school collects recyclable containers such as bottles and cans from the “recyclable containers only” bins throughout the school. There is a large plastic bin in our classroom, where the bags full of recyclables are stored until they are taken in and exchanged for cash at the recycling depot. The problem is that our teachers couldn’t find anyone to empty the bin in our classroom, since they were to busy to do the vile task of sorting the dirty containers at the depot themselves. So the pile of plastic bags got higher and, by the end of the first month, was starting to overflow the sides of the big bin in our classroom. As September turned into October, the pile grew and the bags that wouldn’t fit in the bin were stored under desks.

This wouldn’t have been a big problem if it weren’t for the smell. You see, when the bags were taken out of the “RECYCLABLE CONTAINERS ONLY” bins, they were full of half eaten sandwiches and full milk containers. As well as a bunch of other nasty stuff that, over time, got nastier.

But still nothing was done about the situation.

By the time November came around, we all knew we had a big problem on our hands. Nobody wanted to sit near the back of the classroom (near the bags) because on top of the smell, flies had started to arrive and make a home in our classroom. As well, some of the bags had broken, and garbage juices had leaked out, onto the floor.

Luckily, about halfway through this month of november, a parent was meeting with the teachers and, when asked, said they would take the bottles and cans (and other things) in to be returned at the depot.

So one dark and stormy night, after school, the unfortunate parent came into the classroom and loaded all of the plastic bags into their car and drove away into the night…

A few days later, the child of the unfortunate parent walked into class at the start of day to quickly drop of a top secret envelope containing the money from his dad’s trip to the recycling depot. He then left for his other classes, the day went pretty much as usual, except other students noticed that the young boy was quieter than usual and tended to jump at small noises. Although they could never have guessed the reason for this, I’m going to tell you, first hand, that it was because of the horrors from inside the plastic bags that the child’s dad had spoken of that very morning. These stories would go on to haunt the poor child for the rest of his life.

From Beta.

Special thanks to my dad for giving me the idea for this. And for cleaning up all of the plastic bags. The whole class thanks you!


Caught in the Act

3 UCLA basketball players have been arrested during a team trip to China. They were caught shoplifting at 3 stores, including a Louis Vuitton store near their hotel. One of the players, LiAngelo Ball, little brother of Lonzo Ball who was drafted into the NBA this year for the Los Angeles Lakers, has been making headlines all across the world. LiAngelo was accompanied by Cody Riley and Jalen Hill. A day after the incident, Chinese authorities questioned the trio, who admittedly gave in. After admitting, the players  were kept inside a hotel room by Chinese authorities, possibly awaiting a 10 year sentence. Fortunately, US President Donald Trump, on a 2-day trip in Asia was able to bail out all 3 players with the cooperation of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Ever since returning to the USA, the 3 players have been suspended from the league indefinitely, and President Trump made all 3 apologize for their actions while traveling internationally. CNN interviewed Ball’s father, LaVar Ball, who refused to thank the the President for bailing out his son in China, saving him from a 10 year sentence. The interview heated when CNN show host Chris Cuomo talked to LaVar about him not thanking Donald Trump.

Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations

One of the most successful and respected actors in Hollywood has now turned into the most resented following multiple sexual harassment allegations. The star of the popular Netflix series House of cards, Kevin Spacey, has been dropped by his publicist, talent agency, and some of his biggest roles.

Anthony Rapp, an American actor known for originating the role of Mark Cohen in the Broadway musical Rent, released a statement last month accusing Spacey of sexually harassing him in 1986, when Rapp was 14. Spacey’s response described the event as “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior”. Rapp’s statement was followed by many more accusations, including multiple young men from the not-for-profit London theatre where Spacey was artistic director for more than 10 years. “It seems the only requirement was to be a male under the age of 30 for Mr Spacey to feel free to touch us” wrote Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos, who often starred in plays at the theatre. “There are a lot of us that have a ‘Kevin Spacey story’.”

American film maker Tony Montana claims he was left with PTSD for 6 months after Spacey forcefully grabbed his crotch at an LA bar, and later followed him to the men’s washroom. British barman Daniel Beal has accused Spacey of flashing him 


outside of a hotel in Sussex when Beal was 19, and later giving him a £5000 watch to try to silence him.

Following these allegations, Spacey’s successful career has been shattered. The sixth season of House of cards has been suspended until further notice, and Spacey has been dropped as the recipient of the unique International Emmy Founders Award.

Successful Hollywood producer and former film executive Harvey Weinstein has also begun to witness the end of his career after sexual harassment and rape allegations from numerous women. In a recent New York times article, it was revealed that Weinstein has been paying off victims of his harassment and abuse for decades.

This has sparked over 70 women to share their stories of Weinstein’s misconduct towards them, including actresses Lupita Nyong’o, Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan and Cara Delevigne. As stated by the New York Times: “Accounts of Mr. Weinstein’s conduct seem to follow a common narrative; women reported to a hotel for what they thought were work reasons, only to discover that Mr. Weinstein, who has been married for most of three decades, sometimes seemed to have different interests”.  

Harvey Weinstein has been fired by the board of his production company, The Weinstein Company, and the company itself has been dropped as a producer of many upcoming films.


Thankfully we live in a time when we are beginning to shed light on serious issues in our society, and hopefully moving towards better lives for everyone.