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An exciting upcoming event is Dessert Theatre! Yes, you heard me right – there are desserts involved. Come join the Alpha Theatre Company on December 7th and 8th to watch a variety of performances put on by our very own Alpha students. There will be monologues, singing, and comedic presentations. Oh, and dessert. Tickets are $8.00 for pre-sale and $10.00 at the door, so get yours soon! They are also available through School Cash Online. Did I mention the desserts? And they’re free!

All the Grade 8 students went on a field trip to Science World on November 22nd. We spent the day looking at all the exhibits, having fun with the interactive displays, and eating snacks. We got to watch an IMAX movie as well, titled A Beautiful Planet, made in partnership with NASA. It featured breathtaking views of Earth from space and the effects humanity has made on the planet over the years. The documentary was filmed by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

On November 28th, our mini school class had a very uplifting presentation by Guy Felicella, about his experience with drug addiction. His story was highly eye-opening and fascinating. He had struggled with drug addiction for three decades and his struggle with this seemed pretty intense and scary. I think it helped us see what the effects of drug addiction can have on a human being and how devastating these effects can be.

Here is a link to an article he wrote for the Georgia Straight:

Christmas is coming soon and we hope you have a great December!

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