This week at Alpha…

..all the craze, all the head-turning, anticipation is leading to……….. The Dessert Theatre! At eight dollars for unlimited dessert and a performance, this is the deal of a lifetime! You’ve ever dreamed of entertainment AND nourishment? Well, this is the event for you! There is sure to be a huge turnout, as everyone who ever dreamed of quality sweets handcrafted by the generous student body of alpha, from freshmen to seniors. Another event that occurred earlier this month was a field trip to the Telus World of Science, where students got to explore the World of Science, and watch an enlightening (and guilt-inducing) movie in 720p and a near-180 screen! Another event that occurred was a minor, though nonetheless amazing drama performance by the improv club on the evening of the 29th. Alpha merchandise is also on sale, quality sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts all with Alpha’s logo and the choice of your first or last name on the back. Overall, the school as a whole was very busy, but the Mini School 8 class was busier! With the return of Ms. Neumann, students have strived to catch up on science and math work. Also, the grade 8s have had the experience and pleasure of hearing a life story from the famed Guy Felicella, reminding us about the opioids crisis, and how substances can affect our lives for the worse.

From Beta!


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