To Alpha…

To Alpha;

The Beta mini school collects recyclable containers such as bottles and cans from the “recyclable containers only” bins throughout the school. There is a large plastic bin in our classroom, where the bags full of recyclables are stored until they are taken in and exchanged for cash at the recycling depot. The problem is that our teachers couldn’t find anyone to empty the bin in our classroom, since they were to busy to do the vile task of sorting the dirty containers at the depot themselves. So the pile of plastic bags got higher and, by the end of the first month, was starting to overflow the sides of the big bin in our classroom. As September turned into October, the pile grew and the bags that wouldn’t fit in the bin were stored under desks.

This wouldn’t have been a big problem if it weren’t for the smell. You see, when the bags were taken out of the “RECYCLABLE CONTAINERS ONLY” bins, they were full of half eaten sandwiches and full milk containers. As well as a bunch of other nasty stuff that, over time, got nastier.

But still nothing was done about the situation.

By the time November came around, we all knew we had a big problem on our hands. Nobody wanted to sit near the back of the classroom (near the bags) because on top of the smell, flies had started to arrive and make a home in our classroom. As well, some of the bags had broken, and garbage juices had leaked out, onto the floor.

Luckily, about halfway through this month of november, a parent was meeting with the teachers and, when asked, said they would take the bottles and cans (and other things) in to be returned at the depot.

So one dark and stormy night, after school, the unfortunate parent came into the classroom and loaded all of the plastic bags into their car and drove away into the night…

A few days later, the child of the unfortunate parent walked into class at the start of day to quickly drop of a top secret envelope containing the money from his dad’s trip to the recycling depot. He then left for his other classes, the day went pretty much as usual, except other students noticed that the young boy was quieter than usual and tended to jump at small noises. Although they could never have guessed the reason for this, I’m going to tell you, first hand, that it was because of the horrors from inside the plastic bags that the child’s dad had spoken of that very morning. These stories would go on to haunt the poor child for the rest of his life.

From Beta.

Special thanks to my dad for giving me the idea for this. And for cleaning up all of the plastic bags. The whole class thanks you!


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