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We’re super excited to talk about what’s been happening around our beloved school, Alpha. With the days becoming colder, and the spirit becoming brighter, Alpha is getting ready for the winter season! Hot chocolate sales have been popping up, and everyone is beginning to dress warmer for the weather. This month, everyone has been focusing on one thing, which is the winter holidays! We’re sure you’ve seen holiday decorations beginning to appear as you walk through the school. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any festive cheer~

Have you heard about Dessert Theatre yet? If not, you’re missing out! Dessert Theatre is an event the Theatre Company hosts annually. The concept of this event is a fun night where both the actors and the audience can enjoy themselves. Basically, students will be playing various hilarious improv games, which are completely unscripted! While watching the fun, there are a large variety of baked goods, snacks, and drinks to choose from. There will also be singing performances, dance numbers, and other awesome forms of art, as well as some hidden talents. Tickets are currently being sold in the cafeteria, but they sell out fast, so if you’re interested, be sure to snag yourself a spot!

On collab day we had presentations regarding anxiety and LGBT2Q+ topics. We learned about what the symptoms of anxiety are, and how it’s normal to have and many people, including celebrities suffer from it. Though some people have more extreme anxiety than others, it’s a common thing many people go through. However, an anxiety disorder or chronic anxiety is a lot more burdening on the person, and is different compared to regular anxiety. Some instances where you may feel anxious include: an upcoming soccer match, a math test, doing a presentation in front of your class. This also ties in with phobias, which are very extreme and irrational fears of certain things. Many people use this term loosely for something they are just mildly scared of, whereas some people can get very afraid of certain things and will do anything to avoid them.

As for the second presentation we got, we learned about the LGBTQA+ community. We were able to learn that gender and sexuality exist on a scale, and that there are an infinite number of possibilities. The GenderBread man was a good example

We also talked about how minorities including the LGBTQA+ community are constantly being oppressed or not getting the recognition they deserve. For example, most movies with gay characters, usually end with the gay character dying. This is because in the past, if you wanted to write a book with an LGBT character, you HAD to either kill them off, or make them turn straight in the end, or else your book would not be published.

This month, the grade 8s and 9s were all given a great presentation during collap about how our actions on the internet stay with us forever, and even could come back and affect our chances at jobs and scholarships. Overall, he had 2 main points in his presentation. The first is that we can’t just use these apps like Snapchat and Instagram as we are now, but we also have to look out for ourselves in the future because nothing is ever off from the internet, not even your 10 second long snaps. The second lesson is that we can be successful in life, and we can even make money off the internet by making apps or Youtube channels, but we have to work for it, and not just stay in our comfort zone, using other people’s apps. For most people, these two points were real eye openers, and I’m sure people are trying there best to change themselves after hearing this presentation.

Alpha’s student council is selling Alpha apparel! They are selling in the cafeteria at lunch. There are a few selections of colours and designs to choose from. Currently, the crew necks are $30, and hoodies are $35. You can show your support for the school by buying something! Not only are you funding our school, but the apparel is super comfy as well~

Every year around this time at Alpha, we like to get festive. This year, Alpha’s music council hosted a movie night, complete with free snacks and drinks. The idea of this was to help fundraise for the Alpha’s music concert, and also as just a nice event that you can go and hang out with friends in. The movie chosen this year by Alpha’s music council was Spiderman homecoming, and was played in the drama studio on November 20th, from 6pm-8pm.

This month at Alpha, we also had our very first dance of the year, and also the very first dance of that kind in all of Alpha’s history. The Glow dance was set up and run by the student government and raise money to help out around the school. Glow was held on November 16th, and all that was mentioned on the poster was to “Wear white or neon”. What came next was very unexpected, and very unique. The whole theme of the dance was that it used blacklight, otherwise known as Ultraviolet light. This meant that everything white or neon would glow brightly in a very interesting fashion. On top of that, there were stations set up for neon face paint, which because of the blacklight, would subsequently glow, leading to a very interesting and memorable dance.

This month at Alpha was a great month full of festive activities. Dessert theater was held by Alpha’s theatre company; three great presentation during collab time about anxiety, the LGBT2Q+ community and about our hidden tracks on the internet, we also had an apparel sale, a movie night held by Alpha’s music counsel, and our very creative first school dance that is sure to be remembered. We are really looking to next month with our beloved Christmas and the Christmas break. Signing off for now:



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