North Korean ICBM launch

In the early hours of November 29 the DPRK did the first launch of the Hwasong-15 ICBM. North Korean state media stated it was the most powerful Missile launched by the DPRK to date claiming that it could reach any part of of the USA (I am assuming that Vancouver is in range so please don’t kill me Mr. Kim Jong un).

This is very alarming to most of the international community (especially the US) Because generally US citizens were safe from the DPRK. This will put the US government in an interesting situation on how it will have to move forward on the DPRK issue.   

The ICBM was launched at 0300 hours from South Pyongyang province DPRK, The ICBM flew 950 KM Well into Japan’s EMZ(Exclusive Economic Zone).

That may not seem far at all when considering hitting the USA, but consider that it launched 4,475KM into the Atmosphere. 13.5 time’s the International space station’s orbit, so at least hitting North America’s west coast seems quite probable and some independent scientists are confirming the DPRK’s statement, despite the DPRK being know for making false claims.

The reaction from other world leaders has been almost instant. The US has called for all nation’s to ties with North Korea, mainly in the form of Chinese oil supplies. The US also stated that the DPRK would be “utterly destroyed” in any war situation.

China and Russia, both allies of the DPRK condemned the missile launch, but have also called for the US and South Korea to cancel military exercises.

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