Mr. Thompson Day

November 28th 2016 holds a special place in the hearts of the grade 9 mini school students. It was the day our beloved original mini school teacher left the class and thus left us to fend for ourselves.

Exactly one year later, we have decided to not hold onto the feeling of abandonment, but to rather commemorate the improvements of the BETA mini school program by raising a toast to our current teachers, Mr. Murray and Ms. Neumann. Two amazing individuals who have fortunately saw enough potential in the class and their own chaos management skills to stick around longer than their predecessor.

So in order to turn around the negative vibes of the date, we as a class worked as a team (surprisingly for once) and put together “Mr. Thompson Day” to celebrate and look at how far we have come since then. Now, leading up to this event, there was a fair amount of planning involved, courtesy of Peter Szymborski, the mastermind responsible for all these plans. We sought approval from the teachers to grant us the permission to run an unknown event during class time and everyone contributed a bit of cash to fund for the cake and various other snacks.

When November 28th finally rolled around again this year, an in class party was somehow smoothly executed in honour of this event. We as the mini school worked together as a team and thus reaped great rewards in the form of a costco cake and junk food.

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