B.C man runs for Zimbabwe’s presidential race

[above] Richard Kanyangu

Zimbabwe a country full of many prized natural resources, is one of the worst performing countries out there. Mainly because of it’s corrupt, inefficient government. Which is why B.C man Richard Kanyangu has decided to take this into his own hands. He left Zimbabwe in 1995 to study in the UK, now he is in Kamloops, and working as a nurse and pastor. He says that he spent too much time waiting for change and that “We’ve stood on the sidelines for too long hoping for the situation to change itself, but after 20 years of doing that, I’ve come to the realization that that is going to take someone like me to get involved in the process if we’re going to see anything good come out of the country.”

Richard’s competitor is none other than Mugabe, being the leader of the nation since its recognition in 1980. His policies have led to the 2009 hyperinflation that basically broke down the economy. Bring a promising nation towards nothing. Kanyangu believes it’s time for the rest of the world to get involved and help the people, quoting “We require and hope that out of this, the international community will put a mandate on whoever becomes the next president …  to actually allow international observers at the next elections,” and to  “make sure that at the end of the day the elections are free and fair and that whoever is in power is in power because of the mandate given to them by the people, democratically.”

He hopes to spread word of himself to millions of people, however the chances of that are very slight, as he has limited money and as Mugabe controls all media the hopes to appear there are also gone. However he states “We have people on the ground with us who are hoping to mobilize and get the word around”. He will be leaving for Zimbabwe in June, and staying there during the run-up to the election. Will he complete his quest to unseat Mugabe, or will he fail due to lack of resources, we can only wait to know.

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