Hong Kong Activist Sentenced For Throwing Sandwich At Former Leader

On Tuesday October 31st, Hong Kong politician and activist Avery Ng Man-yuen of the League of Social Democrats was found guilty in court for throwing a tuna fish sandwich at former Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying. The incident occurred at a polling station on the legislative election day, September 2016, when Ng, on his way to vote, attempted to throw what he described as a “smelly fish sandwich” at Leung, although he missed and instead hit a police officer, officer Lau Wing-kwan, who later noted that it left brown stains on his vest.

Ng had brought two sandwiches to the polling station, one for his breakfast, and one what he called a reminder to Leung that the poor of the city couldn’t even afford such a meal some days. He claimed that he’d planned to hand Leung the sandwich, but when blocked by police, he’d decided to throw it, expecting Leung to catch it. He also added that Leung’s “very smug expression” had invited him to “bring it on” and hurl the sandwich. Leung testified that he felt panic when the sandwich was being thrown.

Ng has been sentenced three weeks in prison, but was released on bail pending an appeal. Judge So Wai-tak said the sentence was to discourage the use of violent means to protest against government policies, but that he acknowledged the fact that as the weapon was a sandwich, it justified a shorter sentence.

Expressing outrage over the three week sentence, Ng’s colleague Leung Kwok-hung told reporters that he was hoping to do an experiment and “buy 1,000 sandwiches to see how much they will hurt when thrown at a person.”

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