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A few weeks back, BETA 9 made play dough for our sexual and asexual reproduction stop motion films!


The process of making play dough was extremely chaotic even though we had written instructions to follow. In partners, we first had to gather all our ingredients, which consisted of flour, water, oil and cream of tartar. It was interesting seeing the different methods people used to measure out each ingredient, as we only had liquid measuring cups. Though this resulted in a mess, we managed to get the job done.


The next step was to actually make the play dough. We started off by placing a giant measuring cup filled with water on a hot plate, and then added oil. Gradually, as the liquid combination became a bit hotter, we added flour while stirring to prevent burning. Eventually, after the flour, water and oil mixture was one consistency, we stirred in the cream of tartar. After what seemed like hours of mixing, the play dough was finally set for kneading and coloring. Each group made a different color of play dough. Most people made the play dough into a ball and indented it with their finger to make a small hole for the food coloring. Then we proceeded to push, turn, fold, and repeat. Though most groups reigned successful, a few of us made some rather… interesting colours.  


Water and food coloring ended up everywhere, but after a good chunk of time, the class was able to pull through and clean up both the class and the hallway.


Our next step was to start and set up our stop motion film sets. Many of us found several creative ways to prop up our devices, in order to achieve the best angle, and lighting. Some students chose to go above and beyond by animating tiny details and paying attention to background movement. Many of us ran into small problems and issues along the way, such as; shadows, which made one frame significantly darker than the others. Movement, which caused the camera to go off center. And last, but definitely not least, background noise. For many students, it was hard to find the perfect location with decent acoustics, and no students wandering around. It was a difficult process, but the all the groups managed to pull through in the end, and produce some extraordinary results.


Some of the things we were marked based off, included:

Communication, which is how well we were able to explain our concept of reproduction, using the correct scientific terms, while still making it easy to understand.

The creativity of the script. Again, similar to communication, we had to make sure we portrayed our concept well, while still making it creative and fun! This included the details of the storyline, and how the presentation was pieced together as a whole.

The creativity of the art, which, of course, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Things like small details, and originality were major influences here.

Lastly, collaboration. I would say this is pretty self-explanatory. We were assessed based on how we chose to use our in-class time to benefit this project.

Overall, both the play dough-making and stop motion films were extremely fun projects! Our class really enjoyed them, and everyone had a blast. Not only were we covering our studies thoroughly, we were also given the opportunity to show our understanding in an interesting and creative way.


That’s all from Beta Bits of Business!~


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