Hurricane Season in the Atlantic

This storm season in the atlantic ocean was one of the worst ever recorded in history. It has claimed the lives of over 250 people, and has caused over 200 billion dollars in damage. This hurricane season, we have had one tropical depression (<62km/h), eight tropical storms (63-117km/h), one category 1 (118-153km/h), two category 2s (154-177km/h), one category 3 (178-208 km/h), two category 4s (209-251km/h), and two category 5s (>252km/h). Out of all of these storms, the one with the highest death toll of 132 was class five hurricane Irma, with most of the deaths in Florida. The storm with the highest damage was class five hurricane Maria causing over 91 billions dollars in damage.

The hurricane season started in late April which was must earlier than was predicted. It was not to “really” start (class four+ hurricanes)  until class four hurricane Harvey hit Texas in late August, blowing up all over the news. This was immediately preceded by class five hurricane Irma, class four Jose, and class five Maria to top off all the major storms this season. Irma was the largest this year, and has been the largest storm ever to form over the atlantic since the infamous hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.

There is good news however. With the coming need for resources organizations and charities have come together to donate everyday needs to help all those affected by this treacherous hurricane season. Also, more early hurricane detection technologies are being produced to help protect more people from these deadly storms. We can only hope that next year won’t be as bad.

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