Another report from your host, Kowl!

Hi there! Welcome to Beta Bits of Business, with your host, Kowl. So, as for the future of this report I’ve got two things. One: everything’s (hopefully) went back to normal, and I’m finally getting something on time, and two: this will be my last report under the category of Beta Bits of Business. I may continue as This Week at Alpha… From Beta, or Current Events Coordinator, but the BBoB report ir being handed over to the a new person whom I do not know the name of at the moment.

So, students are still working on their poems here, and we’ve recently began presenting in groups of four to try and get each other out of our little bubbles of comfort. Very, very soon (actually, the day this will get published) we will be actually presenting to the class, which is unfortunately because by that time I’ll be switching jobs and I won’t be able to write about it. Anyway, everyone is trying to get their poems done, polished, and practiced by the presenting day. The criteria for the presentation is the following; your poem must be above 1min 45sec, but below 3min 15sec. You also must be very familiar with it, and while bringing a IPad up to read off of is acceptable, you should be able to speak it easily.

Recently a cell test was given to us in a unique form; a Kahoot test. For those of you unfamiliar, Kahoot is an online game where the teacher can host a game and give their game code to the students. The students go to and enter the game code and their name and they will appear on the teacher’s host screen, which is generally projected for everyone to see. Then, the teacher can configure a few settings and press start, and all the screens will start loading. Next, the host screen will show a question and count down, and then it will show the four choices. Each answer choice has a shape and colour corresponding to it (red triangle, blue pentagon, yellow circle, green square), and on their devices the students get four large boxes, each with the colour and shape. They click the shape that corresponds to the answer they believe is correct, and once the timer counts down it will display the answer. Those who got the answer correct will gain points; the faster you selected, the more points you get. There is also a leaderboard, which shows who has the most points. The questions were cell-related, and Mrs. Neumann checked which questions each student got correct. Unfortunately, we had several WiFi problems, including but not limited to lagging, freezing, the inability to join the game, losing connection, and not responding to an answer.

Alright, now we’ll go into the riddles! Last week’s riddle was “Throw away my outside and cook my inside, then eat my outside and throw away my inside. What am I?” Any guesses? If you have any, post them in last week’s comments before you read this. Done? Alright, the answer is… corn! Now, for today’s riddle.

“What is it that everyone is always doing at the same time?”

To see the answer, you have to continue reading into my next role!

Published 27 / 10 / 2017 (that’s October 27th… also, I don’t know what’s up with the first entry’s year date…)                                                                  Sincerely, Reporter Kowl


One thought on “Another report from your host, Kowl!”

  1. Kowl – your reports are always an informative and enjoyable read ! The riddles are a good way to leave your readers pondering … although I did figure out your second riddle to be CORN!! As for the 3rd one – I am tempted to say “Breathing” but I get the feeling it’s not that obvious!! Great job on the BBoB, and looking forward to reading your reports in your next role!!

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