BETA – 8 – September

This month in BETA Mini:



We have been studying Historical Thinking Perspectives with Mr. Murray. Right now, we’re focusing on the Fall of Rome. Previously, we got into groups to demonstrate Historical Thinking Concepts in a creative manner. The six concepts are Cause & Consequence, Historical Perspectives, Ethical Judgment, Historical Significance, Primary Source Evidence and Continuity & Change.

We also worked on exploring Primary Source Material using excerpts about the Fall of Rome. We are writing a summary of each of the twelve paragraphs given and then our reflections on each paragraph.


In Scimatics, we’ve been looking at the qualities of living organisms. Ms. Neumann’s dog, Akira has been helping out a little bit with that so we can do more in-depth research about living things. We also did a worm dissection to discover how worms function. We did a debate later about if it was ethical for humans to use living organisms for our research. The debate was very fun and it was interesting to see what points the opposing team came up with.

For the math section, it’s mostly just a review so we know what level of math everyone is at.

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