Current Events – Role Guidelines

Role Expectations: 

  • Document world current events. Your goal is to share current events from the world and reflect on their potential impact to a local or global community. Examine different fields including sports, technology, arts, politics, etc. 
  • In your coverage, reflect upon the current event and how it can impact a local or global community. Share your thoughts and reflections on this current event. 
  • Cite your sources for documenting your current event. You can hyperlink the original media source where your current events comes from. If you are comparing multiple perspectives on the same issue, please be sure to hyperlink all references. 
  • The group is expected to submit at least two postings during their month, however this is the minimum expectation. 
  • There are many possible forms of submission, however they must be made in a form that can be submitted to our blog. (Examples: news report, video, podcast, newspaper article, letter, animation, etc.)

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