Dec 11

FSA results are being sent home today.

All students have received an envelope with their written work and their results. Students who didn’t write the FSA still receive an envelope with a blank booklet.

The FSA assesses students abilities in reading, writing, and numeracy up to the end of grade six.

Nov 29

Alpha for the day

On Tuesday, December 5, we will be spending the day at Alpha Secondary!

Students will be paired with grade eight buddies and will have the opportunity to explore the school and participate in classes.

Students will meet Mme Berg at 8:45am at Alpha in room 306 and will be dismissed from Alpha at the end of the day.

A pizza lunch will be provided.


Nov 23

On December 1, bikes can go home for the winter

Keep up the bike training and try to fit in a few long rides when the weather is good.

Nov 08

Remembrance Day Assembly

At the Remembrance Day assembly tomorrow (10:50am), our class will be reading “Au champ d’honneur” which is the French translation of “In Flanders Fields.” Parents are welcome to attend the assembly.

Oct 31

Grade seven fundraising

There are some fundraising initiatives in place:

Cineplex tickets

  • purchase adult tickets at a discounted rate by November 3


Bottle Drive

  • all year long, you can take your empty bottles/cans to the Return-It Depot at Kensington Square
    • put everything in a bag (make sure it is closed)
    • take the bag to the machine at the back of the store
    • put the phone number 777-777-7777 into the machine and get a sticker printed out
    • place the sticker on your bag and throw the bag in the big bin
    • You don’t have to do any sorting!!


Popcorn sales

  • all year long, students will be able to purchase popcorn on Fridays for $1/bag

Oct 25

Tomorrow is photo retake day!

Oct 11

Google Apps for Education

Students now have their username and password for use with Google Apps for Education!

Throughout the year, students will complete all of their typed work using Google Drive, and assignments will be submitted online in Google Classroom.

Oct 05

Daily reading is so important, especially in late French immersion

Students should be reading in French for 20 minutes each night. At least five of those minutes should be out loud to a parent.

If you notice that your child hasn’t been reading in French each night, here are some ways that you can assist your child:

  • set up a family reading time where everyone sits together and reads their own book or takes turns reading to each other
  • take your child to the public library and assist them (or ask the librarian to assist them) with finding a French book that they are interested in and that is at their reading level
  • set up a reward (e.g. for each 200 minutes of reading, the child can purchase a new book)
  • create a special reading space in your house (can be as simple as some pillows in a corner or an old bed sheet to make a fort)
  • encourage your child to choose any type of text and any genre as long as it is in French (e.g. magazines, comic books, picture books, novels, fiction, non fiction, etc.)

Oct 02

Meeting for parents of grade seven students

There will be a meeting for parents of grade seven students on Wednesday, October 11 at 6pm in the library. At this meeting, we will give you information about grade seven camp, the luncheon, and fundraising. We will be looking for parents to join the luncheon committee and/or the fundraising committee.

Your contacts are:

Mrs. Papapanagiotou: luncheon

Mrs. Makarowski: fundraising

Mme Berg: camp

Following our 6pm meeting, you will be able to stay for the PAC meeting which will start at 6:30.

Sep 28

We are aiming to ride our bikes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We will aim to ride our bikes on Tuesdays and Thursdays as long as the weather cooperates. If we get rained out, we will ride on the next dry day.