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Welcome to your division 10 class blog!  I will be adding posts throughout the year with information about upcoming class events as well as projects and homework.  

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Tomatosphere Experiment

Students took part in the Tomatophere experiment where they attempted to grow two different types of tomato seeds, ones that had been on board the International Space Station  (Group H) and ones that were grown on from earth (Group G).  They submitted their results to the Canadian Space Agency.  Their contribution helped the CSA in the field of space farming, a critical ingredient in the design of a life support system needed to send humans to other planets.  Here is a link to the national results:  http://tomatosphere.letstalkscience.ca/ViewResults

G – Control group; H – Seeds spent approximately 6 weeks on the International Space Station


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Force and Motion and Balloon Cars

This term Div. 7 was learning about force and motion in science.  Students learned about motion and the effects that friction has on motion as they designed, built and tested their balloon cars.  

The balloon car fleet and Japji’s balloon powered jet.

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Field Trip to Seymour River Salmon Hatchery

The students really enjoyed their time at the Seymour River Salmon Hatchery.  They conducted stream surveys which involved them measuring the width of the stream, the water temperature and depth.  The students also had an afternoon classroom session where they learned about invertebrates.


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Gently Down The Seymour River

Division 7 will be going on a field trip to the Seymour River Fish Hatchery on Thursday, April 27th from 9:00am to 2:00pm.  The field trip is free, but we will require parent drivers to help with transportation.  Please let Mr. Belliveau know if you can help with driving students.  Please also see below a link to the Seymour River Hatchery.

 Image result for seymour river hatchery


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PASS Soccer

This week our students took part in the PASS soccer program in which they learned basic soccer skills and learned about sportsmanship.  

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Financial Literacy Lesson

Division seven received a visit from a member of Vancity who taught the children about the history of money as well as basic information about borrowing and saving money.  

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SPCA Visit

In March we had a visit from the SPCA and the children got to meet a new very cute and furry little friend.  Students learned important lessons about the responsibilities and costs associated with caring for pets.  

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Young Actors Project

This term our students had the opportunity to take part in drama workshops conducted by the Young Actors Project.



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Division 7 Build Challenge

Division 7 were challenged with building the tallest structures they could.  Many of the groups were able to develop some very innovative construction techniques.  

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