Welcome Back

Welcome back to school!  I hope everyone had a restful summer break and is ready for another great year.

Over the summer I read a few books that I have been wanting to read for some time now!  I am so excited to hear what you have read whether it be novels, great new magazines, newspapers?  picture books, graphic novels?

Below I have highlighted titles, and a score out of 5 (my personal opinion of course) I read over the summer:


“The Nest”                                         – Quick read/ A bit scary… interesting idea – 3/5

“York: The shadow Cipher”           – Good story but took a while to get into.  I like the idea of futuristic ciphers!  3/5

“Rain Reign”                                     – Easy to read and I did real like I really got to know/got insight into the main character with high functioning autism.

Currently reading “Cinder” and “The Gift of Dyslexia”

What have you read…..????  Any recommendations for others?

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Library Book Return

Snuggle Down

We had our first Snuggle Down at Aubrey where buddies got together and were able to spend some time reading alongside, to or with each other.

Students came in their pajamas and brought favourite books from home or chose some from the library or classroom to read.  The enjoyment in selecting your own reading material is so important for how children perceive and understand literacy and their willingness to pick up another book!

We also had a break to enjoy some hot chocolate and took some shelfies!