Honours Program

The Social Studies Department offers several different ways to enrich student learning for those students who excel in social studies.

The Discovery Program in grade 8 takes students entering from elementary school.  Each applicant writes an entrance exam, and that along with teacher recommendations fills 30 spots available.  Students receive the same overall curriculum as regular grade 8 students taking the Humanities 8 course, but have more opportunities for enrichment.

In the later grades, students who wish to continue in an honours pathway can take Social Studies 9 Honours, and Social Studies 10 Honours.  Similar to the grade 8 system, students receive the same basic curriculum as other grade 9/10 students, but material is generally covered at a faster pace to allow more time for enrichment.

With the new curriculum this year, we will no longer be offering Social Studies 11.  Students wishing to take Social Studies 11 Honours this year should speak with Mr. Hunchak about enrichment opportunities.