Stronger Together Inquiry Team

Twenty classroom teachers from K-12 spent the first of a series of days discussing the inclusion of Aboriginal worlview and perspective in their classroom practice. The intention of the inquiry team is to enhance the great practices already taking place in classrooms through the inclusion of Aboriginal content, perspective and principles of learning. Each participant will submit a blog post over the course of the inquiry process, which we hope will provide as examples for others in our District looking to do the same. Below are many of the resources discussed during the first session on October 16, 2014. These should assist us in sparking action in our classroom practice.

First Nations War Veterans 

Acknowledgement of Territory Sign

Acknowledgement Of Territory Information

Traditional Territory Map

Books Discussed

One Good Story, That one – Thomas King

We Greet the Four Seasons – Terri Mack

Legends of Vancouver – Pauline Johnson

Other Resources

Indian Residential School Survivors Society

First Nations Education Steering Committee

BC Curriculum Drafts

Project of Heart

2 responses to “Stronger Together Inquiry Team

  1. I really enjoyed how we talked about including aboriginal perspective/learning naturally and not as an ‘extra’ something. On Thursday, for example, I used First Nations themed non-fiction books to teach text features. It was not an ‘extra’ but a necessary skill to teach that allowed me to insert aboriginal content. Additionally, an art project I am doing right now was inspired by an exhibit of Nuuchaanulth Ceremonial Curtains I went to during my education degree. If you are interested then here is my class blog post about it:
    Thank you!

  2. Melissa,

    Thank you so much for sharing! Great to hear that you’ve taken on the challenge of finding ways to integrate Aboriginal perspectives into your students’ classroom experience. Great thinking!

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