This Year is Gonna Rock! Using Inuksuks to establish class rules and beliefs


ce vieux sage fait de pierres

nous guide en silence

et nous sert de repère

Classes run smoother when students know what behaviour is expected of them. We built our Inuksuks in September but this lesson could work just as well when you need to fine tune and refresh class rules and routines in January.

Start the discussion with the sensory questions : What does the ideal class look like ? sound like ? and feel like ? using a Y-chart. Students work in pairs then present.


y Chart

From this discussion you ask them to come up with 3-5 rules that they believe in.

Tell them they will build or paint their inuksuks using these rules. The core foundation of the inuksuk are the legs which represent respect and safety.am1

Students use tagboard to do a watercolour wash for the sky. They then draw and label their inuksuks with the consensus rules and beliefs that will help them work together as a community for the rest of the year. A key principle of First Nations learning states that learning involves recognizing the consequences of one’s actions.

Restitution empowers students to fix their mistakes and think of how their actions effect others.

I used the kit from the District Library Resource Centre (DLRC) entitled « Chez moi, dans le Grand Nord ».

am 2

Ann Louise Richter


Bonne année à tous

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