Proposed 3-Year Common Metro School Calendar

Provincial regulations require school districts to submit their upcoming proposed school calendar by March 31. As the District’s budget planning process is a 3 year cycle, to ensure stability, the District is proposing the following 3-year school calendar. It includes a two-week Spring Break model (5 days vacation/5 district closure days) that aligns the timing of Spring Break with most Metro-districts.

We are seeking input on this proposed 3-year Common Metro School Calendar from parents, staff, students and the community until Friday, February 28. A recommendation will be made to Burnaby’s Board of Education on March 11 and the proposed calendar submitted to the Ministry of Education by March 31. While it is unfortunate that this timing has not allowed us the opportunity to review this years pilot of a two-week Spring Break, we will conduct a review in April. Results of this review will be shared with the Board to guide them in their planning.

Before taking the survey, please click below to review the proposed 3-year Common Metro School Calendar


To take the survey, CLICK HERE

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