Monthly Archives: December 2013

EA Progress Update

The District has received great input toward the development of our next Enhancement Agreement from all groups.  So far, three community gatherings have been completed and have featured great discussion about Aboriginal student success.  The first online survey is now closed and featured over 250 responses from parents, administrators, teachers, support staff and community members.  The information received from the community gatherings and online surveys has been developed into three key theme areas that include; culture and belonging, community connectedness and student achievement.  The EA Working Group is currently visioning draft goal statements for each of the three key theme areas.  At our next community gathering on January 27 at Gilmore Community School we will unveil the draft goal statements and look for feedback from the community to further refine the goals, as well as help us look toward measurement indicators to help us determine our success in meeting each of the new goals.  The next online survey will also be deployed in the New Year.